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Joseph Z Podcast

Jun 16, 2024

It’s a fresh episode of the No Limits Q&A session, and today, Joseph Z and special guests, Ally and Gabriel Poirot, with Philip Renner, address questions surrounding the call to ministerial work, and how to pray for loved ones far from God. Philip responds to the concern raised about how one discovers that one is called to ministry, revealing that God calls us based on our faithfulness to little things. Heather agrees with this, sharing how she started by assisting her parents in their ministry, and in the process of doing all this, she discovered that God had called her to more responsibilities than she was handling. 

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Also, Ally shares her story on how she realized she was called and it all boils down to faithfully showing up in little things, and through that, God reveals to us, other higher responsibilities we’re called to take charge of. On the other hand, Gabriel shares a more interesting story of how God found him when he didn't expect which sprung from chairing a bible study at school. 

Furthermore, a concern was raised about how we can pray for our friends or family who are not following the footsteps of Christ, and Philip shares a clip of what his ministry is doing in converting those who are far from God. Interestingly, Joseph makes us understand that one can operate from the office of the prophet and evangelist, but there can be majors and minors in both fields. In addition, Philip discloses that God is merging the prophets, evangelists, and intercessors in today’s ministries, confirming Joseph's prophecy about the powerful twos. They conclude with a prayer, declaring that God will help us to discover the areas where we’re called to minister to the world. 

0:00 Introduction
05:40 Call to Ministry: Knowing When You’re Called
16:30 Praying for Your Friends who are Far From God
17:34 Converting the Lost to Jesus
26:05 Office of the Prophet & Evangelist
31:56 Prayer: Conclusion

June 15, 2024