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Joseph Z Podcast

Sep 18, 2023

“Your presence should demand an explanation”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z analyzes the times we’re in, bringing clarity to the last days; and also satisfying the curiosity of many who want to know if we’re on the last days or not. He shares with us a life experience when the spirit of God directed him to visit the tombstone of one of his grandparents to denounce some things that were not in line with the ordinances of God. Also, he brings to our understanding that we should obey the instruction that God gives because what we do in faith is God trying to get something to us, not from us.

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Moving on, Joseph brings to our knowledge that it’s not enough to listen to the word of God, we must mix it with our faith to activate it in our lives. He went further to teach that God has put everything we need in us, and we must activate it by faith; for he has already paid the price of whatever we need to live our lives to the fullest. Again, he makes us understand that trials don’t come to better us, but to kill us, and rip the word of God out of our hearts; but when we learn through them, God can use them to better us.

Similarly, Joseph enlightens us more, revealing that Jesus wants us to be free; for He gets no glory out of us failing, being sick, or being defeated by the trials of this world. He declares that God will break us out of every ugly situation, grant us financial blessings, and heal us of every sickness that we’re ashamed of. He declares further that the spirit of God is breaking us all out of captivity, for Jesus defeated hell to buy us liberty. 

Furthermore, Joseph insists that the media is the last frontier to reach many people; insisting also that we can be digital missionaries who go to nations without leaving the country. In addition, he reminds us of God’s assignment to reach a million for a billion souls. He declares that we’ve been broken out of our containment, revealing also that we’re in the last days. Interestingly, he provides us with a clear analysis of the last days, bringing clarity to times and seasons. Finally, he declares that there’s a breakaway anointing for us to find our destiny and stop wondering, for God wants to break us out and grant us liberty. 

0:00 Introduction
08:15 You Can’t go Beyond What is Written
08:23 Joseph’s Cemetry Experience
13:50 Activate the Word of God with Your Faith
17:58 Persecution: The Devil’s Weapon to Stop You
22:33 God Will Break You Out
24:05 Healing Ministration
25:30 Deliverance Prayer
33:44 Media: The Last Frontier for a Wide Reach
38:40 Your Containment is Broken
39:07 We’re in the Last Days
52:40 Conclusion

September 17, 2023