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Joseph Z Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

“The best form of deliverance is a good, and consistent teaching of the word of God”.

Can a Christian Have a Demon? In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches us about the power of a delivered soul and explains what leads to demonic possession. He presents to us how we can begin to get answers to everything we’re dealing with. He instructs that everything in life that we deal with springs from our hearts and minds, and getting our hearts free from everything trying to beat it down, is a step toward our deliverance. He goes further to teach that there are three aspects to our lives, which are spirit, soul, and body. He clarifies further that we’re born again in the spirit, and our resemblance to Jesus is mostly in spirit; revealing also that the body tilts towards where the spirit leads. 

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Moving on, Joseph discloses that demons can not possess a spirit, but can oppress and take hold of a soul, because our soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. That is to say, whatever controls the soul controls the body. Also, he instructs that when we allow God to move, we’ll bring light in dark places, but when we allow darkness to move, we invite the devil into our lives. He shared his childhood experiences with witches and how intentionally singing praises to God freed him from their attack; disclosing also that when we resist demonic attacks they flee from us. 

Similarly, Joseph brings our attention to the Book of Luke 10:17 to explain to us that God has given us the authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions, including anything that tries to harm us. He makes us understand from this verse that Jesus cares more about the well-being of people than he cares about the defeat of the devil, and it's His wish that people be delivered from demonic possessions. He brings to our understanding also, that the reason why we must cast out demons is that we can’t have a wholesome revival without a good heart devoid of the seed of the devil.  

Furthermore, Joseph employs the word of God from the Book of Luke 4:31-37 to teach us that we can say and do all the right things for all the wrong reasons. Again, he enlightens us more that when we cast out demons, we must endeavor to fill that space with the word of God to prevent repossession. Again, he teaches that the only way to cast out demons is to resist them by binding them in the name of Jesus. He then prays for us and binds anything that’s held us bound in any way, for we’re born to be free and Jesus wants us to win more than we do.

0:00 Introduction
04:43 The Concept of Deliverance
11:20 The Reformers: Prophets in Disguise
12:00 Three Aspects of the Human Life
13:57 The Soul: The GateKeeper
15:35 Can a Christian Have a Demon?
18:57 Rebellion & Witchcraft
20:20 Joseph’s Encounters with Witches
29:19 How to be Free from Demonic Oppressions
29:45 Luke 10:17 
35:51 Importance of Deliverance in the Church
44:05 Deliverance Prayer & Conclusion

August 27, 2023