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Joseph Z Podcast

Sep 26, 2023

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to climate lockdowns and the new trend, which is the introduction of digital policing(robot cops). He begins by raising concern about robot cops and the hidden agenda behind it, which is control, and domination over everyone. He goes on to share with us the agenda behind climate lockdowns which also revolves around exerting control over the world. He goes further to make us see reasons why we all must stand up to fight back against the evil culture because it’s become obvious that we’re expected to shut up and put up with the series of wickedness that abounds every day.

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Moving on, Joseph draws our attention to his broadcast of August 1st, 2023 where he revealed that there’ll be a climate lockdown coming onto the scene soon. We could also see that in 2021, he prophesied about climate change, lockdowns, and food shortages in one of his live broadcasts held on the 1st of July, 2021. In that same broadcast, he assures us that we can avert what’s to come by praying fervently to God. Also, in his broadcast of October 20, 2021, he insisted that there would be a climate lockdown agenda that would be pushed onto the scene like we’ve never seen before. 

More interestingly, Joseph breaks down the big agenda of wickedness, ranging from economic, political, medical, and geopolitical issues; which he believes are all in a bid to push against the church of Christ and stop us from rising up to be what God has called us. Regardless of all these, he believes there’ll be an awakening, as the Red Church shall rise against this evil, thereby breaking past all of these evil agendas. Again, in his broadcast of December 31, 2023, he reveals that there’ll be a supernatural revelation, contracts, favor, bank agreements, and paid-in-full blessings for many of us. 

Further into that same broadcast, Joseph reassures us that there’ll also be unexpected and supernatural promotions, a realigning of relationships that’ll herald blessings and victory for us all; for the Lord will make a great way for us where there’s no way. He urges us not to fear about what’s happening in the world today, for in the middle of these we’ll see a million raised up to reach a billion souls. He then declares the peace and blessings of God over us all, whilst encouraging us to remain in prayer and faithful in our belief in God. 

0:00 Introduction
02:07 Digital Communism
03:41 Global Warming & Climate Change
06:48 Rise and Take Dominion!
11:38 Climate Lockdowns
13:56 Induced Food Shortages?
14:56 God Provides: One More Round
17:05 What to Expect
19:41 The Red Church: Revelation 12:11
21:20 Prophetic Blessings
24:45 The Lord Will Make a Way
25:20 Conclusion

September 25, 2023