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Joseph Z Podcast

Feb 29, 2024

On this live prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z reveals what to expect in the coming April eclipse, which he believes is the Nineveh Eclipse that will go across the eastern side of the United States. He informs us that it’s the first one in seven years, after the last eclipse that occurred seven years ago. He also reveals that this coming one will create a path that covers eight cities that are all named Nineveh. 

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Recall that Joseph made a prophecy earlier, revealing that America would experience a bowing of the knee through Nineveh or fire. On the heels of this, he reveals that following this eclipse, we will have a radical change in things, Babylon will be judged, and difficulties will be experienced, but there will be light in Goshen.

Joseph, further discloses that we’re moving from a time of grace to a time of mercy, which is a time when we do not get what we deserve. He goes on to reveal that we will hear more about solar flares this coming season, which will be because of many issues that will be induced but will be blamed on solar flares. Also, he reminds us that we’re in a do-over year while urging us also, to pray and stand up to the wicked demonic agenda launched against the world. 

February 24, 2024