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Joseph Z Podcast

Mar 24, 2023

In today's live stream, Joseph Z has a great prophetic word for us about a storm coming, a grassroots uprising, and the poly storm that will bring us victory. In his prophecy, he revealed that assigned gates and angels are waiting for activation and that the Glory of the Lord will be the reason for this season.

Also, he went ahead to reveal the hidden agenda of the people behind the recent banking events and how they will make the people responsible for the system's collapse. He further said they would give the citizens reasons to pull out and then blame them for the failure afterward. Additionally, the Lord revealed to Joseph Z that there is an anointing for the people, which will release them into supernatural provisions of the Lord.

Furthermore, he revealed in his prophecy that there is an urgency about the guidance of portals. There's an angelic assignment waiting for every one of us at our particular portal, as it is the safest place the children of God can be. Again, he reveals a transitional grace and admonishes us not to resist it as it's a gift from God. 
Similarly, he further reveals that our assignment is where our provision and victory lie and urges us to embrace it.

Further revelations expose that "safety" is not our assignment and that our work is where God wants us to be. 
Interestingly, he exposes an anointing that will fall on South Africa and how the power of this anointing will rise and sweep all over South Africa. He then urges us to watch the nations of Brazil and Canada, that God has heard them, and that he will embarrass the financial institutions of Canada. 

Additionally, he reveals that God will continue to use unconventional voices and discloses that humility is the currency for provision now. He went further to assure us that there's an assigned provision for the children of God and encourages us to engage the angels of God at our assigned gates. As a result, unlikely alliances will begin to happen to stand against a broken dam. 

Joseph Z further taught us that "obedience is better than sacrifice" and encouraged us to get on God's economy, as God has not forgotten our families or us. The spirit of the lord will bring peace in the storm, and God has a response for the darkness. The answer is the spirit of Elijah, which will hinder the nefarious acts of the evil men that have arisen all over the land.

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0:00 Introduction
05:44 Financial Cage
11:26 Assigned Portals
16:50 Safety is not your Assignment
17:23 Anointing on South Africa
23:15 Humility
28:52 God will Define the Odds
34:19 Justice against the Spirit of Fear
39:49 A Great Move of God
46:00 Extravagant Generosity
51:28 Jesus is Returning
57:13 Wind of the Spirit
1:03 Deliverance from Present Truth
1:08 Conclusion

March 15, 2023