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Joseph Z Podcast

Mar 28, 2023

Walking in the flesh is a way of thinking or a way of behavior that goes contrary to the word of God. 
In today’s live stream, Joseph Z teaches us about walking in the spirit of God and reveals that the flesh has a desire which gives birth to sin, which can only be overcome or conquered by walking in the spirit. This was backed up by the word of God taken from the book of  Galatians 3:1-6. Moving forward, we came to the understanding that when we walk in the spirit, we’ll have a life of faith that will advance our spirituality. He went on to teach that when we put our faith in God, everything that Abraham was promised by God will become ours by faith; this is because Jesus is referred to, as the seed of Abraham. What this means is that; the promises that God made to Abraham are found in Jesus, and if you’re in Jesus, those promises are also in you. 

He went further to explain that, the only way to foster these promises of God is by guiding our hearts with all diligence. This was further embellished by the word of God taken from the book of Proverbs 4:23 which says, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life”. This means that what you listen to and occupy your heart with is what you’ll receive. 

Joseph Z went on to urge us to be careful with what we let into our hearts; this is because, when we begin to govern what we let into our hearts, we’ll change and everything around us will also begin to change. He went further to reveal that, although our circumstances may not change, we can change. Additionally, Joseph brings to our understanding that we live by the faith of the son of God, and also that we can function in the same faith that Jesus operated on.

Furthermore, Joseph Z discloses that the only way we can please God is by faith, and when we implore endurance in following through with these teachings, everything around us changes. He then discloses that peace is a mechanism of God’s direction that surpasses all natural understanding, so, sometimes when we don't hear God, the silence could mean that we should wait.  He went on to remind us that Jesus loves us and assures us that everything we’re facing, by faith; we’re going to be alright. 
Therefore, prepare to have access to where you’ve never been before by faith and the righteousness of Jesus!

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0:00 Introduction
02:40 Meaning of Walking in the Flesh
05:12 God’s Supply of the Holy Spirit
07:43 The Seed of Abraham
09:59 How to foster God’s Promises
12:58 The Heart is an Incubator 
16:43 Your Circumstance may not change, but you can
18:28 The Just shall live by Faith
20:35 Peace comes from Confidence
21:07 Hebrews 10:35
23:46 Peace is a Superpower
31:18 Conclusion

March 19, 2023