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Joseph Z Podcast

May 29, 2023

Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z revealing a sense he has about a time of darkness and light. He admits that strength is coming and the Lord is intervening in the spiritual battle upon us; he assures us of another round coming if we can withstand all that is going on. 

Moving on, Joseph reminds us again that Antichrist is the spirit of control, but there’ll be a break away from this evil spirit; also, he reveals that God is calling upon women of God to rise up to the occasion at a time like this. He sees a time of darkness and difficulty which will herald a light and voices that’ll come out of darkness into the light. He reinstates that, “just because there’s darkness going on, does not mean that there’s no light”. He again reminds us that although it was dark in Egypt, there was light in Goshen.

Additionally, Joseph reveals the big agenda on the horizon: times of decline. There’ll be levels to how far this decline can go, depending on whether America repents to repair; also in this decline will come a great awakening and there’ll be light in Goshen. He further insists there’ll be a resurgence of another day, and things will not go as they’ve planned.

Furthermore, Joseph reassures us that Jesus loves us and that there’s fire and power that God is bringing to the people of God; also he discloses that God is calling us to a great responsibility, and then charges us to read our bible frequently to stay afloat and safe in Christ.

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0:00 Introduction
02:48 Another Round of Strength
03:13 Spiritual Battle
04:01 What Are They Planning?
07:21 A Time of Darkness & Difficulty
10:51 A Time for Results
15:14 The Big Agenda on the Horizon
17:30 A Repent to Repair
19:00 Decline & Great Awakening
19:34 Provision & Another Day
21:27 Bud Light: Interpretation
33:40 Conclusion

May 24, 2023