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Joseph Z Podcast

Jun 16, 2024

In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about the recently discovered old archaeological site that’s been banned from further excavation by the World Economic Forum. He reveals the site's name to be Gobekli Tepe, a site built eleven thousand-six hundred years ago, predating the age of the earth and the flood. It’s also six thousand years older than Stonehenge, but surprisingly, WEF halted excavation. Joseph suspects that something must have triggered the WEF to halt excavation, which could be some hidden proof that the ancient flood existed or some other evidence that negates what the WEF stands for. 

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Next, we see clips of some of these historical pillars found at the site, bearing drawings that prove the existence of “beings” produced by the cohabitation of fallen angels and the daughters of men. However, the WEF arrangement to leave the excavation for the next generation raises questions and even more questions about why they are associated with the management and excavations at Gobekli Tepe. What’s more baffling is how the WEF is doing everything possible to cover up this ancient site, as their activities on the site don't show that they're trying to preserve this ancient archaeological site. 

Joseph further gives his prophetic words about this, revealing that AI will be used to alter history while informing us that Gobekli Tepe will be hidden as much as possible. He also reveals we will see pressure and a regime change, and that the Gobekli Tepe will be eventually excavated because the younger generation will make demands to see what WEF is hiding from the world. Once more, he reveals we will see a Josiah anointing with archaeology, a major reveal, and a pulling back of the veil. 

0:00 Introduction
06:09 Gobekli Tepe 
07:47 Clip Detailing History of Gobekli Tepe
12:36 Gobekli Tepe: Why was Excavation Halted?
14:06 Gobekli Tepe: More Historical Facts & Views
34:37 AI Altering History?
36:45 A Josiah Anointing with Archaeology
38:37 Conclusion

June 13, 2024