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Joseph Z Podcast

Aug 31, 2023

In this live stream, Heather Z brings us insightful teachings, packed with revelatory messages on the power of forgiveness. She informs us that these are the last days, and if we receive Jesus, His spirit is in us and we’re equipped with the power to resist the devil and live fulfilled lives. She enlightens us that when we spend time with God, we get revelations regarding things we’re bothered about, and God will speak to us in a way that He comes alive in our lives. She goes on to make us realize that we might be the only Jesus that someone encounters, so it’s necessary we build a relationship with God, and cast our confidence in the Lord, to the point that we recognize His voice when we commune with Him within ourselves.

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Moving on, Heather instructs that by being in the presence of God, praying, and absorbing the word of God, we become a weapon in the hands of the Lord. She went on to bring our attention to the power of forgiveness; for by letting go of the wrongs of others, we earn forgiveness for our own sins. She brings to our knowledge how Mary placed a demand on the guard who was guarding Jesus’s tomb, demanding to know where they moved our Lord Jesus to, without realizing that Jesus had already risen until He showed Himself to her. In like manner, Heather explains that we can also place a demand on Jesus, to ask for whatever we need in our lives, and He will oblige us out of the great love He has for us. 

Similarly, Heather clarifies that when we get to a place of forgiveness, we start having breakthroughs in our lives; for forgiveness is a powerful tool. She charges us to forgive ourselves first to truly appreciate and enjoy the forgiveness of God. Also, she points out that when we forgive the sins of others, their sins will be truly forgiven, and so will the sins of others be retained if we retain them. She then discloses that forgiveness is a prerequisite to our heart's health, and when we forgive others we become free of offense and more receptive to the gift of Christ to us. 

Furthermore, Heather brings to our knowledge that when we sow, we rebuke the devourer, off of our health, family, finances, and every other area of our lives. She then declares Biblical returns on the seeds we’ve sown and prays that we’ll get the revelatory knowledge of God in our lives. She declares that our covenant is working on our behalves and prays for divine healing for any of us who are ill in our bodies; praying also, for the restoration of the years and finances stolen by illness. 

0:00 Introduction
02:26 Faith Works Through Love
04:52 How to Get Into God’s Presence
10:00 Heather’s Message to the Evangelists
13:49 The Spirit of the Lord is Upon You
16:08 Healing for the Brokenhearted
20:00 John 20: Mary’s Demand on the Guards
22:48 Place a Demand on Jesus
25:47 The Power of Praying in the HolyGhost
32:08 Forgiveness is Your Heart’s Health
38:03 Biblical Returns on Seeds
43:23 Prayers & Conclusion

August 30, 2023