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May 7, 2024

His win in Singapore seemed like an out of the blue breakthrough to some and ignited a wave of speculation and debate among spectators and experts alike. Yet, those familiar with his journey weren't surprised—his victory was built on over a decade of relentless dedication. What does it feel like to be at the center of such scrutiny, and how has the win in Singapore reshaped his life?


At only 25, Youri has accumulated experience and wisdom on par with many of his senior peers. This episode delves into Youris extensive coaching and team setup, his decision to leave the dutch national federation to pursue his own path and more recently how he believes he won Singapore in the year-long preparation leading up to the race.


Yes - we talk doping. Yes - we talk rumors. But more importantly this is the story of how success comes from teamwork and slow progression, how to keep both feet on the ground despite the ever increasing attention and how Youri shapes the path towards his future goal of hopefully leaving a mark and inspiring the new generation to do their best.


The first english special from Swedish triathlon podcast Triathlonvänner [Triathlon Friends] out now. Find it on Spotify!