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Stories from the Inside Out

Oct 1, 2022


 In Episode 4 of Stories from the Inside Out, we talk to Ted Rutland, activist, writer and educator at Montreal’s Concordia University, and actively involved in work around systemic racism, prisons, policing, urban planning and housing. Ted sheds light on his work with the...

Oct 1, 2022


 In Episode 3 of Stories from the Inside Out, we speak with poet, activist, journalist, educator, and prison justice advocate, El Jones. El walks us through evidence of systemic racism both inside and outside of the carceral system, and how it’s harming Black communities. Centering on community...

Oct 1, 2022


 In Episode 2 of Stories from the Inside Out, we speak with Oswald Wyke, who is currently serving a Life 12 sentence at Donnacona maximum security institution in Quebec. Oswald shares his experience in the justice system after being incarcerated for over a decade. From his first arrest, to...

Oct 1, 2022


In Episode 1 of Stories from the Inside Out, we’re introduced to music artist, entrepreneur and Burgundy local Kiyha Schrouder, who was imprisoned for a year in Barbados after her vacation plans were abruptly upended. Kiyha speaks honestly and sincerely about her relationship with her sister and...