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Stories from the Inside Out

Dec 19, 2022

In Episode 5 of Stories from the Inside Out, we speak to Markus about his experience inside of Bordeaux Prison in Montreal during COVID-19, and educator Denise Brend about the nature of trauma, and the need for Trauma Informed Care (TIC) in the Canadian justice system and beyond.

Hosted by Scott Clyke

Technical production and editing by Scott Clyke and Milo Johnson

Pre-production and logistics by Samm Reid, Amanda Maxwell, Svens Telemaque, Ashley Montgomery, Monique Barling

Music by Milo Johnson

Recorded at Breakglass Studios and 7176EAST in Montreal, Quebec

Mixed by Christopher Vincent


Heartfelt acknowledgement and thanks to all who shared their story or participated in interviews making this project a reality including Kiyha Schrouder, Oswald Wyke, Ted Rutland, El Jones, Tara Haynes, Denise Brend, Justin Estwick, Nora Demnati, Marvin Jarette, Quincey Campbell,  Leucherin Blackman, Marie Livia Beauge, Markus Smith, Volta Collective and Aishah Seivwright. Thanks to CBC Montreal for their continued support

Black Legal Action Fund Desta Black Community Network

This project was made possible by the generous support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Anti-Racism Action Program.