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Between the Lines

Mar 16, 2023

Leigh Lincoln never intended to write a book, but she was so moved by the homeless situation in our country, she felt compelled to take notes. Those notes inspired a fictionalized story which became a book—The Road Home which was a passion project. It was intended to be a standalone story in which she tries to show that every life is a broken road that only Christ can fix.

Because of the popularity of The Road Home, written in 2016, Leigh was moved to continue with three more novels—Road to Freedom (2020), Finding the Real Road (2021), and The Road West (2022). These four novels make up her Broken Road Series.

Leigh’s stories may be fiction, but each one has grains of truth woven into them. As she travels life’s journey, she takes the time to listen to everyone she meets and gleans wisdom from what they share. Her goal as an author is to raise awareness of homeless and poverty issues. Because of this, she gives a portion of all book sales to charity.

Leigh is self-published, and you can connect with her via her website (and sign up for her newsletter) and/or her Amazon Author page.