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Talking Sopranos

Nov 2, 2020

Michael and Steve are joined by Ariel Kiley (Tracee) the Bada Bing dancer who was featured in this episode. In this extremely compelling interview Ariel talks about how working on the Sopranos was actually her first acting job. How she was able to play such a difficult role and the incredible advice she got from James Gandolfini that changed her life. 

After Ariel’s interview Michael and Steve break down one of the Sopranos most controversial episodes. At this point in the series David Chase thought fans were starting to glorify the characters and needed to be reminded that these were brutal gangsters. The mother, the daughter, the goomah, the sister, the hooker and the dancer. They all play an important role in this dramatic story of power, privilege, violence and misfortune. When this episode originally aired it got a huge amount of pushback and many fans dropped their HBO subscriptions and boycotted the series. This one gets a bit heavy.

Then Michael and Steve lighten things up with some hilarious stories of insane parties that last for days. Michael also talks about his favorite cars on the show including the beautiful Maserati. It’s all on this episode of Talking Sopranos #32 “University” S3 Ep 6. Remember to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and remember to go to to ask Michael and Steve questions and order official Talking Sopranos merchandise.