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Talking Sopranos

Nov 16, 2020

Emmy award winner Martin Bruestle joins Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa for Talking Sopranos Ep #34 “He Is Risen”. Martin was a producer on the show, head of all post-production and responsible for selecting much of the show’s incredible music. In essence he was in charge of everything from when the director said cut until the show hit air. He shares some fantastic stories about how the series was made, his directorial debut and what went on behind the scenes. Martin tells us how the Sopranos set a new standard for music on TV and boy did it cost some big bucks. He also shares the story of how “Don’t Stop Believing” was chosen for the final scene and how he was able to get the rights from Steve Perry and Journey. 

Then Michael and Steve break down this week’s episode. Jackie Jr is rubbing everyone the wrong way and Ralphie..well…this is headed down a bad road. Michael and Steve also share Thanksgiving stories and a crazy night at the SAG awards when Jim was hurling dinner rolls at Richard Dreyfuss. Check out this all new episode of Talking Sopranos and remember to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Black Friday is coming so remember to stock up on the merchandise at