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Talking Sopranos

Nov 23, 2020

Michael provides some amazing insight into the story as this was the second of five episodes he wrote. He tells us where the title came from, the story behind the Lollipop Lounge and how he came up with many of the ideas. This one also includes a short scene with an actress who at the time was a complete unknown but went on to become none other than Lady Gaga. She’s one of the girls by the pool watching AJ and friends trash the place. Adriana’s dream might come true, Jackie Jr is headed down a bad road and Tony and Gloria are really heating up the snake house. Michael and Steve are gonna get into it all. Bobby Bacala does not appear in this episode and Steve’s still pissed about it. You would think Michael would have written him in somewhere…this might get ugly. Then the guys also take on Hollywood and talk about which actors and directors they love, and which ones are real jerkoffs. Watch out because a few of these folks are gonna make it into the video that will be revealed after Steve’s death…now entitled "Steve MotherF**ks the World" Check out the Telltale Moozadell. Sopranos S3-E9. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and take advantage of the Talking Sopranos Black Friday sale at