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Talking Sopranos

Mar 15, 2021

     Peter Riegert (Assemblyman Zellman) joins Michael and Steve for this week’s episode of Talking Sopranos. Peter is both an Oscar and Emmy nominee known for his work on Animal House, The Mask, Oscar, Barbarians at the Gate, Crossing Delancey and so much more. He talks about how he got into the business and his first TV job on M*A*S*H. He also shares what it was like to work with John Belushi and the entire cast on Animal House. Peter originally auditioned for the role of Elliot Kupferberg on the Sopranos but completely blew the audition. He didn’t get the part but David called him a year later to play Assemblyman Zellman. Peter shares some incredible stories about working with James Gandolfini and how he supported him in a way most actors would not. 

     Then Michael and Steve get into the episode but keep getting sidetracked with stories of ghosts, aliens, squid and UFO’s. They definitely don’t see eye to eye on the world beyond but do agree this is an incredible episode. Lots of fantastic inside info is revealed in Talking Sopranos “Calling All Cars” S4-Ep11. Remember to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and go to our website to buy merchandise and ask Michael and Steve questions.