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Talking Sopranos

Jun 21, 2021

It’s another fantastic episode with two amazing guests. 

     First up, the legendary Peter Bogdanovich talks about how he started out as an actor in NYC and what gave him the bug to start directing. He shares stories about his friendship with Orson Wells, how he cast Tatum O’Neil in the Last Picture Show and of course how he ended up on the Sopranos. Peter became friends with David Chase who asked him to play the role of Melfi’s psychiatrist. He also directed Michael and Steve in Sentimental Education S5-Ep6 of the Sopranos. 

     Next Marianne Leone joins the podcast. Michael worked with Marianne on Goodfellas and the two remained friends ever since. She is a lot of fun and shares some great stories about her days on the Sopranos and how Federico Castelluccio restored a painting of her grandparents. 

     Then Michael and Steve get into one of the most surprising and dramatic episodes of the entire series. Michael and Drea both won Emmys for their performances as well as Terry Winter for the screenplay.  Tim Van Patten was nominated for directing. This is a great one…Talking Sopranos S5-E12 “Long Term Parking”. Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and go to for official merchandise and to ask Michael and Steve questions.