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Talking Sopranos

Nov 15, 2021

Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa are joined by Sopranos writer/executive producer and Academy Award nominee Terry Winter. Terry is a fascinating character and if you don’t know his full story check out Talking Sopranos #18. In this interview he talks about what it was like going into that final season, and how the writers were trying to wrap things up. He shares what David told him about the ending, and what he thought about the cut to black. Terry wrote four episodes in Season 7 including this one which he both wrote and directed. It was also the only show he ever directed. 

In this episode Christopher and Paulie are at odds and AJ can’t handle his break up with Blanca. Robert Iler’s is absolutely fantastic in this one. Check out Talking Sopranos #86 “Walk Like a Man” S7-Ep5. Make sure to visit the Talking Sopranos website for more information about the podcast and to buy official merchandise. 

Make sure to pick up Michael and Steve’s book WOKE UP THIS MORNING: The Definitive Oral History of the Sopranos. Click the link below or get your book wherever books are sold.


See Michael and Steve live in Comedy and Conversations with the Sopranos. Saturday November 20th at the Andiamo Theatre in Warren Michigan. Check the link below for dates in your area.