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Talking Sopranos

Nov 22, 2021

This week Michael and Steve welcome Lorraine Bracco (Dr Melfi) back to the Talking Sopranos podcast. Lorraine was a huge part of the show and returns to discuss her thoughts about the ending. Michael and Steve were a bit surprised to hear how Lorraine found out about the final “cut to black”, and how she was not happy about the way Melfi ended the show. She also shares stories about David Chase and of course her thoughts on Tony’s fate. 

Then Michael and Steve get into this week's episode which is a big one. This is the last episode for Michael and one of the most shocking of the entire series. Lots to get into on Talking Sopranos #87 “Kennedy and Heidi” S7-Ep6. Make sure to visit the Talking Sopranos website for more information about the podcast and to buy official merchandise. 


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