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Talking Sopranos

Nov 29, 2021

Aida joins Michael and Steve for this exciting episode of Talking Sopranos. She shares her best and worst memories about being on the show, as well as some intimate stories about working with James Gandolfini. She also talks about what it was like going into that final season and her thoughts about the finale. 

Then Michael and Steve breakdown this incredible episode. In this one AJ is going off the deep end…literally…and Robert Iler’s performance is absolutely spectacular. Tony and Phil have reached a breaking point and Melfi is questioning her ability to help Tony. Don’t miss Talking Sopranos #88 “The Second Coming”. Make sure to visit the Talking Sopranos website for more information about the podcast and to buy official merchandise. 

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Check out Michael and Steve’s live show Comedy and Conversations with the Sopranos. Saturday February 12th at the St. George Theatre, Staten Island, N.Y. Check the link below for dates in your area.