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Talking Sopranos

Dec 6, 2021

Michael and Steve welcome Steven Van Zandt (Silvio Dante) back to the Talking Sopranos podcast. Steven shares his feelings about the final season and his thoughts about Tony’s ultimate fate. He also reveals the reason why Silvio ended up in a coma at the end of the series instead of getting whacked.

Then by popular demand Michael and Steve welcome the Talking Sopranos producer Andy to the podcast. This is one interview that’s definitely going off the rails.

After that Michael and Steve break down the second to last episode of the series. This is Steve’s last show and he has lots of inside info about that his final scene. Don’t miss Talking Sopranos #89 “The Blue Comet” S7 – E8. Go to for more info about the podcast and to buy official Talking Sopranos merchandise. 

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Check out Michael and Steve’s live show Comedy and Conversations with the Sopranos. Saturday February 12th at the St. George Theatre, Staten Island, N.Y. Check the link below for dates in your area.