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The Galactic Cow: Conversations about teaching, the Universe, and everything

Jun 14, 2023

We are finally dropping an episode about the thing no one wants to talk about - boundaries in teaching

If you are like me, boundaries are confusing enough in my personal life, let alone in the classroom, and there is almost ZERO info on setting boundaries in higher ed (or really any classrooms)!  As teachers, we are constantly being bombarded by demands to set better boundaries or to not be so rigid, and it can bring up issues of shame and feeling not enough. 

Join us as we relisten to one of Emergent Strategy's most popular episodes, Boundaried in Love, with Prentis Hemphill.  Prentis is one of our emerging consciousness leaders in embodiment and somatics work, visioning, and facilitation.  A collection of their work can be found here, and their Instagram is here.

We don't have a magical solution, but we are offering a different way to think about boundaries, as well as some starting points to consider, so give us a listen and let us know what you think.



  • theme music: composed and performed by Alden Zac (on the interwebs here, here, here) thanks friend!
  • editing & production:  emareena (who is relieved this is mostly listenable)
  • artwork:  also emareena, who loves Galactica very much, and will be occasionally posting on the blog.