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The Galactic Cow: Conversations about teaching, the Universe, and everything

Jun 29, 2023

Are you feeling alone and isolated at the front of your classroom?  Disconnected from your students, your colleagues, maybe even yourself?  

Teaching has become a pretty isolated place and connecting with students feels more and more difficult.  But what if we could have a practical conversation about love in education?  How would bringing love and compassion to the front and center of teaching and learning transform our experience and education itself?

Join us as we relisten to 

The Urgent Need for Compassion with Alok Vaid-Menon in The Man Enough Podcast and Possibilities of Relational Loving with Kai Cheng Thom on the Possibilities Podcast (E32) for their guidance on love, vulnerability, risk, and change.

Additional References

Wisdom-Keepers on new weapons (and tools) for a new way of thinking, using our voice & our love are those weapons.

bell hooks:  All About Love and Teaching to Transgress

Solomon Burke, None of Us Are Free


  • theme music: composed and performed by Alden Zac (on the interwebs here, here, here) thanks friend!
  • editing & production:  emareena (who is relieved this is mostly listenable)
  • artwork:  also emareena, who loves Galactica very much, and will be occasionally posting on the blog.