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The Galactic Cow: Conversations about teaching, the Universe, and everything

Jul 18, 2023

Of all of the topics we considered for this first season, grief was not one of them.  It didn't become a contender until a few days before we started prepping the episode.  The Abolition X pod had been in the back of my mind all season and it would not go away, so I asked ambar if we could talk about grief, instead of the topic we had on deck.  We started researching and writing, and the episode just...took us over.

Grief in education is almost entirely unexplored, but it inhabits the space completely, and that includes our bodies, hearts, and minds.  Neither of us had any idea the episode would be as powerful for us as it was, and it is our hope that you will share that experience with us.



  • theme music: composed and performed by Alden Zac (on the interwebs here, here, here) thanks friend!
  • writing:  ambar & emareena
  • editing & production:  emareena (who is relieved this is mostly listenable)
  • artwork:  emareena, who loves Galactica very much, and will be occasionally posting on the blog.