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Apex Magazine Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

"The Matriarchs" by Lois Mei-en Kwa - published in Apex Magazine, issue 137, April 2023.

Read it here:

Lois Mei-en Kwa is a writer of science fiction, fantasy, horror, poetry, and tarot non-fiction. A Kundiman fellow from Singapore and Cincinnati, she works and lives with her family in Southwest Ohio. She can also be found at

Bobbie Chet, 20, is currently a student and lover of all things entertainment. Past their love for bringing stories to life, they spend their days working on their screenplays and their art to fuel their incessant imagination.  You can find them on Twitter @bobbiechett

This Apex Magazine podcast was produced by Alli Nesbit.  Theme music by Alex White.  Music in this episode is by Alli Nesbit.

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Apex Magazine is a bimonthly short fiction zine focused on dark science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Find us at