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Jul 6, 2024

In our previous episode, we explored the scientifically documented benefits of ayahuasca in a deep-dive interview with Sheryl Attig, Ph.D. I recommend taking in that episode before you experience this one.

This is Part Two of our discussion. Here, Sheryl expands beyond ayahuasca to include the benefits of LSD,...

Jun 23, 2024

Ayahuasca, more than anything else, has helped me continuously turbocharge my healing, awakening, and ever-increasing service capacity. But does objective scientific research show similar benefits for others?

In this 43-minute episode, I explore this question with Sheryl Attig, Ph.D. She’s an expert on the benefits...

Jun 11, 2024

I may not be “losing my religion,” but – in a surprising side effect of my Law of Attraction work -- I’m now doubting some foundational spiritual beliefs I've held for years

In this 11-minute episode, I start by examining the specific beliefs I'm questioning. I then ponder if holding too tightly to any...

May 29, 2024

Does Law of Attraction visualization change the universe you’re in, or jump you into a different one? And does it even matter, as long as you manifest the reality you want?

I lead off this 19-minute episode with this question, then give you the most important Law of Attraction fundamentals. Join me to learn how to...

May 17, 2024

Radavie, co-author of a highly rated #1 Amazon best-seller, is this episode’s special guest. She and her husband Doug DeCarlo co-wrote and recently published The Divine Sparks Speak ... Awaken to Inner Peace in the Midst of Chaos: Free Yourself from Human Conditioning.

In this 59-minute episode, Radavie – an inner...