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The Strengths Whisperer

Nov 29, 2023

The first time Ophelia Byers was encouraged to move into a leadership role, she pushed back because she didn’t want the responsibility. Thankfully, someone saw her potential and didn’t take no for an answer. Today, Ophelia is the Chief Nursing Officer of Overlook Medical Center and the Associate Chief Nurse Executive of Atlantic Health. Ophelia has built up her own "tackle box" of knowledge, tools, and experiences along her leadership journey. Taking what she’s learned, she can identify issues and lead teams to find solutions.

In this episode, Ophelia discusses what she calls the art and science of leadership. Her top strengths of Strategic, Connectedness, and Restorative feed directly into that belief, allowing her to handle the dichotomies of leadership. Listen to learn how to encourage leaders to take in knowledge from all levels of an organization, learn to see around corners, and create opportunities for others to succeed.

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