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Oct 24, 2023

Forge ahead with the transformative series, "God's Story...Our Journey," in an empowering fourth episode, "How to Stand Firm in a Counter-Culture World." In a society constantly shifting its cultural norms and expectations, it's easy to feel like a ship adrift at sea. This episode serves as a beacon of light for those determined to stand their ground, retaining their beliefs and values despite the prevailing tides of societal change.

Join hosts Daryl and Fred, accompanied by special guests Kylei, PJ, and Cheyanna, as they delve into profound discussions about maintaining one's stance in a world that often seems contrary to personal convictions and traditional values. They unpack the challenges of living in a culture that frequently contradicts deeply held beliefs, especially for the younger generation who are in their formative years of identity and value development.

Listeners will journey through real-life experiences, gaining insights into how to navigate environments that clash with their inner compass. From dealing with peer pressure to staying true to oneself in the digital age's face-paced and often judgmental realm, this episode provides practical guidance rooted in faith and wisdom.

"How to Stand Firm in a Counter-Culture World" isn't just a conversation; it's a survival guide for upholding one's principles in the modern world. It encourages listeners to be unwavering in their truths, highlighting the importance of inner strength and community support.

So, tune in to find encouragement, strategies, and a sense of solidarity. This episode is a reminder that even in a counter-culture world, you're not standing alone.