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The Affiliate Coach

Oct 13, 2022

The SEO Rockstars event is a game changer. In this 2 day conference, you will get the chance to participate without pitching and meet with top name speakers from all corners of online business! It's time for us as marketers or agency owners who do not have their own team members yet can still find plenty about what we want at these events since they're often networking opportunities where people get introduced one another but also share ideas across industries—don't miss your opportunity by buying tickets early before it sells out again next year because even though these types conferences may seem intimidating sometimes.


The 11th SEO Rockstars event will be a three-day extravaganza! You'll engage with the industry's best all star speakers and top pros in your field. If you're looking forward to more learning, Dori Friend has sourced some of them from different areas so that no matter what section or discipline interests you most there is someone here for it - just ask 'em anything during our Q&A sessions (and maybe even after). As changes continue pacing out every day she works hard making sure everyone stays on top by providing resources like past results which are easy enough but also updated regularly.

What is VIP Day? 
VIP day before the actual SEO Rockstars event. Dori Friend says it's her favorite because she meets with VIP guests and speakers beforehand to thank them for coming out in support of an unforgettable conference experience! This 11th Annual celebration will be happening on November 9th, so don't miss your chance at getting involved or meeting new people from all over who share similar interests as yours do when they come here every year- join us then :)