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This week we talk to Amalie Bruun, the mysterious woman behind the eclectic black metal project Myrkur. Her perspective on metal is unique, and we talk to her about the haters, her philosophy on making music and art, what working with her heroes has meant to her, the public reception of Myrkur (both positive and negative) and how playing pop music influences her musical output.

Godless recaps his time at Bloodstock, his first European style festival, and how it differs from the one-day touring festivals here in the States. We chat about the recent comments by The Browning that compare the incident in Ferguson a year ago to a band getting their van broken into, and we talk about Trapt using their Facebook page to vent their political opinions. Do bands need to be more careful with what they put out for public consumption?

Myrkur – "Mordet"
Teenage Time Killers – "Egobomb"

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