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Legendary producer, guitarist and vocalist Erik Rutan guests this week. Hate Eternal just unleashed their new album Infernus and it plays like a death metal guidebook, so we pick his brain about a wide range of topics: producing bands, the changing metal scene, whether he would ever rejoin Morbid Angel, how he hurt his hand on the Metal Alliance Tour and what the hell happened to that tour when it shit the bed mid-run.

Doc Coyle comes back to "Reject the Sickness." This week's topic: Godless' Tweet about loving Meshuggah being the hipster way to say people love Fear Factory. What kind of influence did FF have and why do people love to hate on them so much while giving Meshuggah so much credit for their influence? Doc does his best to set us straight.

Hate Eternal - "The Stygian Deep"
Clutch - "X-Ray Visions"

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