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This week we talk to Phil “Landphil” Hall from Iron Reagan. In addition to updates on all things Iron Reagen, Cannabis Corpse and Municipal Waste (including Iron Reagan's brand new album Crossover Ministry), he discusses what it’s like to see his likeness in a claymation video, his true “Fuck The Neighbor” tales, his favorite Troma movie and touring with Six Feet Under.

Meanwhile Brandon and Pete talk about James Hetfield's recent statement regarding the lack of bass on …And Justice For All, the beef between Of Mice and Men's Austin Carlisle and Trivium's Paolo Gregetto about vaccinations, Corey Taylor thinking he is qualified to write a book about politics, and the heinous black metal fan that upset Whitney Moore last week (with his version of the incident). 


Iron Reagan - “Fuck The Neighbors
Cannabis Corpse - “Mummified in Bongwater”
Municipal Waste - “The Art of Partying”

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