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This week Chuck sits down with Corey Brandan of Norma Jean sits down and talks Christian Metal, kids, and the Beastie Boys during the Summer Slaughter tour. Chuck shares his miserable, sweltering experience from the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and wonders whether that festival's low ticket sales (as well as the poor sales of Gigantour) signal the end of the era of the American touring metal festival. David Drainman screamed at the rain much like our old buddy Dave Mustaine and backpedals from calling out Lemmy but doesn't shy away from criticizing Roger Waters and Dallas Coyle. The Lemmy deathwatch goes on high alert with Motorhead cutting the Wacken Open Air performance short due to his health problems, plus we make jokes about Slayer, which is always fun.

Motorhead - I Know How To Die
Norma Jean - If You Have It at Five, You Have It at Fifty

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