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We couldn't be any more excited about this week's guest: Bill Steer of the legendary Carcass. Just back from a one-off show in South America, Bill talks about how the metal industry has changed since Carcass's last go-round, how the songs on Surgical Steel were written, how Swansong is not their best record, the rise of nu-metal that led to the band's demise and more, all while we gaze lovingly into his pretty eyes.

We also discuss why metal bands have no message control during public controversies, focusing on the recent Necrophobic domestic abuse and As I Lay Dying Facebook scandals. Should bands learn better PR techniques? Should they stop beating the crap out of their women (allegedly)? Should they cut off their Facebook accounts before one of their members makes them look stupid?


Protest the Hero - "Clarity"
Carcass - "Unfit For Human Consumption"

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