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World at Work

Apr 9, 2024

"If you know that you need to make that change and you're thinking about reaching out to a recruiter, don't waste any time. But don’t just say, ‘hey, can you get me a job?’ Demonstrate your value to them and how you can help an organization."

Key Moments

02:23 Reaching Out to Recruiters When It’s Time for...

Apr 2, 2024

Key Moments

03:10 Offer career transition help to terminated employees.

07:15 Collecting company items.

09:56 Delegate transition security measures.

14:23 Be clear and concise when announcing departures.

17:23 Proper planning leads to successful career transitions

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Mar 26, 2024

"In order to terminate effectively, you can not be so focused on being liked. You need to be respected and understood."

Key Moments

00:00 Terminate with Intention to Ensure Continued Team Success.

03:54 Handling Employee Departures

07:37 Effective Termination Practices

09:52 Understanding Severance in Employment...

Mar 19, 2024

"Understanding what is happening in your community is vital to [career advancement] because the best way to get considered for new opportunities, new situations is simply by being able to provide value to people."

Key Moments

03:57 Organizational Culture and Community Engagement

06:03 Understanding Community Needs


Mar 12, 2024

“It's having a tactful approach, owning the change, then moving forward with your best self. Leaving on good terms is going to be more valuable for you in the long run than if you walk out."

There are a various mental barriers that people face when making a change in their professional role. Some of the biggest are...