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World at Work

Mar 21, 2023

In this episode, Tim shares his best tips for job seekers especially how to handle employment gaps on your resume. There are ways to position yourself whether you are straight out of college with little to no industry experience or are are wanting to transition from one industry to another.

Tim and Cassie Tucker share tangible examples to further guide you as you put together a resume that will give you the advantage.

Episode highlights:

  • How to write a resume headline that will get you noticed
  • What type of tough questions you might face when making a pivot and how to best answer them
  • How to use synergy to your advantage when trying to get your dream job

Tim and his team love helping people through the challenges that come up when crafting an effective resume! Be sure to reach out!


“We underestimate the past experiences we’ve had, and how they’re relevant to future experiences.”

“Have a resume that speaks to the potential job.”

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