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World at Work

Feb 28, 2023

During this episode Cassie and I talk about how to network genuinely. Tim shares a powerful example of how genuine networking led to a mentorship that far outweighs any professional reward or fulfillment, and helped him gain the courage to take the leap and begin Best Culture Solutions.

Episode highlights:

  • How to personalize your outreach when you are reaching out to someone you admire
  • Tips on how to use company events to your advantage
  • How to utilize social media to grow relationships and gain business

Be sure to check out Cassie Tucker’s challenge at the end of the episode as a way to put today’s topic into action!


“When it comes to networking, you just never know what you’re unlocking.”

“All it ever takes is one person to notice that you can bring value.”

Connect with Tim and his team:


LinkedIn: Best Culture Solutions, Inc