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World at Work

Mar 14, 2023

In this episode Tim and Jody Maberry talk about the most important steps to take when onboarding a new employee, and how to go the extra mile to set them up for success.

Episode highlights:

  • What you should specifically be telling your existing team prior to you new employees arrival
  • How to make it easy for your new employee to make inroads with the team they’re joining
  • A creative way to set the standard for behavior among your existing team so they focus on helping the new team member succeed

How deliberate you are during the onboarding process goes a long way towards increasing your retention rates and sends a clear message in regards to how much you value your team. If you’re interested in some guidance as to how to get this right, Tim and his team would be excited to help!


 “If you don’t have a deliberate introduction your new employee is still going to get introduced, you just may not have as much control over it.”

 “I would incorporate how to help the new team members in a meaningful way.”

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