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World at Work

Mar 7, 2023

During this episode Tim Dyck and Jody Maberry talk about the conscious and subconscious ways that you may be quiet firing someone. Do you know this can negatively impact your reputation and your bottom line?

 Episode highlights:

  •  How quiet firing can put your employees in harm's way
  • Why one simple check in is more crucial now more than ever
  • How your kindness may be inhibiting an employee’s self esteem

 Navigating the ins and outs of business culture, quit quitting, and quiet firing are just some of the ways that Tim and his team are able to help leaders lead to the best of their abilities. If you’d like to reach out for support, they’d be happy to support you.



 “You can send a message that you’re quiet firing someone even if you’re not.”

Connect with Tim and his team:


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