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The Accidental Landlord

Jun 29, 2022

Join our host, Peter McKenzie of Rincon Property Management, and our guest, Brent Kostner, who is a landlord! Join Brent and Peter as they discuss the challenges of owning rentals, and why Brent and his family decided to begin utilizing a property management company after self-managing his rental properties for years...

Jun 22, 2022

Join our host, Peter McKenzie, and our guest, Taylor Adams on this episode of The Accidental Landlord! Taylor Adams is a real estate investor, short-term rental owner, and an experienced "house hacker." Listen along as Peter and Taylor share the ins and outs of short-term rentals, the current real estate environment,...

Jun 15, 2022

Join host, Peter McKenzie,  and seasoned renter, Lauren Howe, as they discuss the rental experience from the point of view of the renter. Communication, building positive relationships, and taking care of rental properties are at the forefront of this episode's conversation.

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Jun 8, 2022

Join our host, Peter McKenzie, and Dallas-based real estate investor, Mark Severino, as they discuss Mark's journey as a short-term rental turned long-term rental owner. Listen as Mark Severino details the challenges that come with short-term rentals, including the time commitment, maintenance costs, the frequency...

Jun 1, 2022

Join Peter McKenzie and guest, Curt Bulloch, on this week's episode of The Accidental Landlord! Curt is an independent insurance broker who caters to landlords and property management companies. Curt practices in California, Nevada and Arizona, and is well-versed in insuring rental property businesses.

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