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Apocalypse Soon with Eddie Pepitone

Feb 27, 2020

Twitter: @SeanConroy @EddiePepitone @LolliComedy 

Instagram: @SeanConroy @EddiePep @LolliComedy 


- The president that should not be named

- $1.7k for a seat at the debates

- Stuff to be exploited

- I can't stop checking my...

Feb 20, 2020

Twitter: @jtstandup @EddiePepitone @LolliComedy 

Instagram: @jtcustomtoys @EddiePep @LolliComedy 


Engineers: Emma Erdbrink and Aaron Brungardt

Producer: Matt Rasamoto

Made with love by All Things Comedy

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Feb 13, 2020

Twitter: @MikeBatayeh @EddiePepitone @LolliComedy 

Instagram: @EddiePep @LolliComedy 


- Token Arab

- Eddie on Munk

- Who you votin' for?

- Dear Hollywood, what did I do wrong?

- That Maron rant


Engineers: Emma Erdbrink and Aaron...

Feb 6, 2020

Twitter: @SovereignSyre @EddiePepitone @LolliComedy 

Instagram: @sovereign_syre @EddiePep @LolliComedy 


- Iowa is bad

- What makes an American "Native", really?

- Up in your sets is not the same as laughing

- The manifestation of the worst of us

- Girl has too many jobs

- Porn...