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Apocalypse Soon with Eddie Pepitone

May 30, 2023

  You rush to the airlock, blocking those... "things" out side. You feel the concussion of a distant explosion just as the lock seals you off from that hellscape once know as Noth Hollywood. The loud heavy "Klank!" of the steel door is the closest thing to a warm embrace you've experienced since IT happened. As you make your way down the corridor, you notice most of the scratching has stopped since the last blast. Finally. As you approach the door to your room, a faint sound pulls your focus. It's music!? It gets louder then, a voice. You sprint twords the door, pushing it open. It's the old radio? You're puzzled, it hasn't worked since... Your thought is cut off by the sound of a mans voice. A beautiful voice. Mesmerized, you walk backwards towards your cot. Suddenly, you forget about the scratching, your hunger seems to let up a little, you stop thinking about what you just saw, you sit down. A plume of dust jumps in the air but you don't notice, you just sit. You sit and you listen and begin to feel something. You smile.

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