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Arise: Living your Life with Purpose and Confidence

May 1, 2024

This week, I sat down with Elite Coach & COO/Co-Founder Reagan, who is the founder of Consumed Coaching. Reagan is a powerhouse in the realm of Christian coaching. She began her journey in the industry at the tender age of 25 when she co-founded Consumed Coaching. By 27, she ascended to the role of COO, setting the strategic direction for what is now recognized as an industry-leading Christian Coaching Company. She is also the creator of The Ivey Collective Podcast, a space for Christian men and women to be encouraged, grow in business, go to greater depths in their relationship with the Lord, and live out their calling.

 A proud graduate of The King's University, Reagan holds a degree in Christian Ministries, which she harnesses to bring depth, insight, and a faith-driven approach to coaching. Under her stewardship, Consumed Coaching has thrived, boasting a team of highly sought-after coaches who serve clients from coast to coast. Coach Reagan also co-authored the "No to Know" Course, helping women create boundaries biblically to live out their calling fully.

Beyond her impressive business acumen, Reagan is a beacon in the speaking circuit. Known for her eloquent delivery and profound wisdom, she remains a highly sought-after speaker and coach, captivating audiences with her unique blend of professional expertise and spiritual grounding. She started by sharing her testimony at the age of seven to speaking in front of thousands of middle and high school students while still in high school. At that time, she was the youngest to be given an award from Youth For Christ in the Southeast at sixteen. She started young and believes that everyone's story is meant to be shared for the glory of God, no matter what age.

Those fortunate enough to work with or learn from Reagan they quickly understand that she's not just a leader in Christian coaching; she's a trailblazer setting new standards for the industry.

In this episode, Reagan shares:

  • her journey of following Christ and starting a business at 25 years old
  • growing up in ministry, becoming a coach, and healing after tragedy
  • how to trust God's goodness and take courageous steps of faith despite doubts and fears
  • the importance of kingdom living and cultivating your gifts even when it seems uncomfortable or insignificant
  • how to build a new relationship with Christ with practical tips
  • the importance of understanding one's calling and taking tangible steps to walk in it

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