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Arise: Living your Life with Purpose and Confidence

Jun 4, 2024

This week I sat down with Coach Stephanie Kelsey from Consumed Coaching who shares personal experiences where God has used her in unexpected ways, stressing the importance of building strong relationships and leadership foundations.

She delves into the journey of developing and growing in leadership, highlighting the need to break free from stagnation and embrace bravery in trusting God's guidance.

With over 30 years of spiritual journeying and a deep-rooted faith, Coach Stephanie brings a wealth of experience to her coaching practice. As a devoted wife, mother, and partner to Allan Kelsey, co-author of "Strength Based Marriage," she has shared invaluable insights gleaned from real-world experiences, speaking engagements, and ministry involvement. Known affectionately as the "Velvet Hammer" for her ability to deliver candid advice with grace and precision, Stephanie blends truth and love to challenge and inspire her clients.

Coach Stephanie discusses the significance of awakening to one's true identity and potential, moving beyond societal expectations or past experiences to become brave and give God “your yes.”

In this episode, she shares:

  • the necessity of continuous development in leadership and the courage to trust in God's leading
  • emphasizing the importance of forming solid, supportive, strong relationships in leadership and within teams
  • how to awaken and discover one’s true potential and not be defined by societal norms or past experiences
  • the importance of caring for others and leading with both humility and boldness
  • Addressing how confrontation, when handled with care and understanding, can be a "springboard for joy" and a vital part of personal and leadership growth

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