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Arise: Living your Life with Purpose and Confidence

Jun 25, 2024

This week, I sat down with Coach Jennifer Shook, a Christian Life Coach. Jennifer’s life was turned upside down when her husband, who had been sober for 18 years, relapsed into addiction. This crisis led her through a journey of profound pain and self-discovery, where she encountered God’s presence in new and powerful ways. Through surrendering control and letting go of her fears, Jennifer found unprecedented freedom and hope, even in her darkest moments. Support from friends and quiet times with God, journaling and reading the Bible, were instrumental in her healing.

Now, Coach Jennifer is passionate about helping women find the same freedom in Jesus, regardless of their circumstances. She believes that everyone can experience life abundantly, feel deeply loved, accepted, and forgiven by God. Through her life coaching, Jennifer empowers women to embrace their unique stories and partner with Jesus to discover their purpose and freedom.

In this episode, Coach Jennifer shares:

  • her journey of supporting her husband's recovery and the changes it brought to their lives and faith
  • how she was able to heal rather than trying to fix her loved one
  • The need and balance for self-care and well-being while supporting loved ones through recovery
  • how God led her to start coaching and the impact of her testimony to coach others
  • the power of sharing personal stories for healing and growth

Connect with Coach Jennifer Shook:


Next Steps:

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