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Ditch Mom Anxiety | Mental Health, Anxiety Disorder, Nervous System, Overstimulated, Emotional Dysregulation

Apr 11, 2024

You’re feeling guilty again because you just yelled AGAIN. You don’t know why the overstimulation of motherhood affects you so much but yet again the noise and mess from raising your babies got to you. 

Maybe regulating your emotions seems impossible dealing with your anxiety. You want to stop feeling so dysregulated but you don’t even know where to start as a Christian working mom. You're the cook, the family doctor, the house cleaner, the employee, and the chaffeur so its no wonder you're a mom with anxiety. 

If you're desperate to leave the emotional outbursts behind but emotional work seems unattainable--I've got the perfect solution for you. 

Today I’m sharing a radical way to use movement to actually calm your body physically so you can calm your mind emotionally.  By using the tangible physical body, you can connect to the intangible emotional part of yourself. 

And using this beautiful interconnectedness of God's design of your body is really powerful!

So grab a snack and let’s dive in mama! 





Book a Coaching Session with me.  Go here to purchase. I'll chat 1-1 with you for one hour and together we'll develop a 30-day action plan for you to calm the emotional outbursts and reduce that anxiety naturally. 

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