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The Vintage Mama Podcast

Dec 14, 2022

Being a mother is the most wonderful thing every woman wants to experience in their lifetime. But having kids as a vintage mom comes with challenges and hardships.

First time in this series, I will be accompanied by a guest speaker, Dr. Lakisha, a Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Herbalist, and a Vintage Mama of 9 children.

In this episode, Dr. Lakisha shares her bittersweet motherhood journey and how she survived being a mother of terminally ill kids. She also shared the important things in motherhood; Faith, hope, and the most important of them is LOVE.

Highlights & Resources:

  • Dr. Lakisha’s parenting journey
  • Working on your inner healing
  • The root cause of dysfunction
  • The ups and downs of parenting
  • Gentle Parenting

About Dr. Lakish

Dr. Lakisha is a Traditional Naturopath and registered clinical herbalist through the American Herbalist Guild. Her core competencies include utilizing herbs as the basis of nutrition to combat the symptoms of chronic, degenerative, and terminal illnesses. She actively works to ensure all people have the right to choose medical options:

Traditional, alternative, or otherwise, that support their health and healing journey.

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Vintage Mama Podcast is dedicated to women who had their first child at age 35 or older.

I want to create a community of women where mothers feel supported, and encouraged. Where they can learn and grow on this wonderful journey of parenting as “vintage mama.” 

I am Coco O'Connor, and I’m what I like to call a "Vintage Mama." I became a first-time mom at age 40, and now I help moms 35+ regain control of their time, money, and life. This podcast aims to provide encouragement & help solve some of our pain points.

We Vintage Mamas are a special breed, and we are to be celebrated!