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Just Ask Judy

Nov 8, 2022

  1. Here we are again. The start of the 2022 open enrollment season. Open enrollment is mandatory once a year time frame you as the employer can change benefits and your employees can change, enroll, or decline benefits. In short, having an open enrollment period followed by a 12-month contract year allows the insurance carrier to manage its risk (but that’s for another article).


I’m sure as a staffing company owner, executive, or member of the HR team the conversation around benefits never entirely goes away. Below are some topics I would be discussing.


  1. Does the level of benefits I offer to match the respective employee population? For example; many times the management team of a staffing company will be provided a certain benefit package while the temp staff is offered a different package.
  2. How well do I understand the impact of the day-to-day operations of benefits? I.E., enrollment, billing, monthly management (adds/terms), and more. This can have an impact on your HR team in the aspect of time and resources.
  3. Employee benefits brokers are the first and best line of defense. What level of service and industry knowledge does my benefit broker provide? A knowledgeable and experienced employee benefits professional can save your business time & money while providing a much-needed employee benefits package.


These are just a few topics that can have a drastic impact on your team, budget, ability to attract high-quality employees, and more.


Our team has a collective 30 years of experience working in the employee benefits space with a concentration in the staffing industry. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


David Johnson